Byron Bay

Beautiful Byron Bay is all about ‘the vibe’. Located in the far north eastern corner of NSW, this beachside town epitomises the contradiction of laidback chic. Many Sydney locals flock here over long weekends to surf, attend yoga retreats and detox from city life. Spectacular beaches are the indisputable highlight of this resplendent town.


Byron Bay has an enticing subtropical climate. Summer days average 27 degrees though evenings can be wet. Winters are mild and average 15 degrees. The permanent population is only approximately 5,000 but swells in summer due to its exceptional weather.


Byron Bay is small and can be enjoyed by foot or by bike. Roaming around the town itself is quick and easy but buses are available to explore the greater Byron Shire or to attend its many summer festivals. Purchasing a bike would be a wise investment to make the most of this scenic town.



Byron Bay is a small town. Part time work is possible and this site for backpackers is helpful.

Byron Bay offers many health and fitness classes and those with yoga, surfing or wellness experience would be in demand in this town.



Byron Bay is a destination for many school leavers and travellers. As such, seeking hostel accommodation is cheap, easy and communal. The best site to evaluate all possibilities is The YHA is available as cheaply at $30 per night for a single bed in a shared dormitory and luxury resorts are available at the other end of the spectrum. You could expect to pay around $150AUD per week for a room in a modest flat.


Byron Bay could be described as Australia’s pleasure capital and many say a visit to Australia is not complete without falling in love with Byron Bay. Learn to surf with international pros. Tallow Beach 7km south of Byron Bay offers the stretch of white sand and aquamarine water to capture your imagination. After a surf or swim visit Arakwal National Park to observe unique birdlife. Unlike many other beaches in this popular town, Tallow Bay is more low key and can be deserted depending on the time of day. Just east of Main Beach, dolphin sightings are common in Watego Bay. Alternatively, visit The Farm, a collective of farmers and produce growers spearheading the sustainable food movement. Three Blue Ducks, a restaurant based in Sydney, has an outpost here and its reputation for flavoursome, seasonal fare is unparalleled. Unidays is free to join and offers discounts on a wide range of fashion, food and adventure deals.


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