Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and one of the oldest cities in Australia. It combines a luxurious urban metropolis with access to world class beaches and rare wildlife. 


Brisbane has a humid subtropical climate. Average temperatures are around 13 degrees in July and 30 degrees in January. Cyclones are rare but severe and tropical storms sweep parts of Queensland from April-October. At its best, Brisbane is hot and balmy and typifies the upbeat Australian way of life.


Brisbane’s multi campus university layout means the city boasts an extensive public transport network. The Translink website offers information about catching the bus, rail or ferry and it is best to purchase a go card for use on all these services. This can also be used to travel to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast so you can explore Queensland in your leisure time. 


There is a vast range of student accommodations to service Brisbane’s many tertiary institutions. Brisbane is one of Australia’s major commercial hubs and the cost of living varies accordingly. The best place to start your search to ensure you secure the best arrangement for you is this site which gives a brief summary about some of these services. Atira Student Accommodation can be the best of both worlds in terms of an affordable place with access to a variety of bars and nightlife.


Hospitality work is easy to come by in this vibrant, social city. is the best resource for job hunting, but you will also have luck finding a hospitality job by walking into local bars and restaurants along the river and dropping your CV in the traditional way. The minimum wage is $17.70 an hour. Tipping is common and the relentless nightlife means it is feasible to supplement your income with extra shifts.


Brisbane is a contemporary, fast paced city. International fashion boutiques line Sydney Street but there are plenty of free ways to spend your day. Streets Beach at South Bank is a man-made lagoon alongside the river. The Queensland Art Gallery showcases traditional paintings and its sister the Gallery of Modern Art offers many seasonal exhibitions free of charge. City Sounds is Australia’s largest free live music innovation. Its heart is situated in Post Office Square. Check out the website Visit Brisbane for upcoming schedules. The Daisy Conservation Park is home to a number of Australia’s most iconic marsupials. Entry is free and the organisation cares for koalas which cannot be released back into the wild. Brisbane is also an extravagant place for a night out. Whether you want to have a quiet beer with friends watching a rugby match or get dressed up to treat yourself to one of Brisbane’s glamourous night clubs, the city is full of surprises. offers a variety of free options to enjoy the city. The student wow card is the largest student discount programme in Queensland. Basic membership is only $12 and gives access to over 260 discounts and deals.


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