School Reviews
Adrian <small>from Switzerland</small>
Adrian from Switzerland

Hello, my name is Adrian, I'm from Switzerland and I'm studying at RELA for 3.5 months. New Zealand is the perfect place for improving your own English skills. You can meet people from all over the world, the cities are beautiful and the landscape isjust amazing. I decided to go to RELA because of its good reputation and the way of teaching. The classes aren't bigger than 12 people, which enables the teacher to look after every single student. The lessons are varied and because of the mixture of thedifferent cultures and home-countries of the classmates each schoolday is very interesting and you learn a lot more than just a language. At school there is a big student room where you can have a rest during thebreaks, eating your lunch or having a chat with some of the other guys. Every day after school RELA organizes activities. Joining them is always a good idea, so you are able to visit beautiful places around Rotorua, bake some cookies or go to adventure parks.EachFriday there is a farewell for saying goodbye to the friends who go back home which is usually a very moving moment. Over the weekend it's time you did some exciting experiences, such as River Rafting, Sky Diving and Bungee Jumping. Also a good opportunity is to visit the white-sanded beach and the volcano, or go for a hiking trip to the National Park. The difference between RELA and other school academies is, here aren't just some students and teachers who want to improve or teach a language. You feel like a big family in which everyone knows, helps and looks after each other. I'm very happy that I had the possibility to be a member of this unusual, but never forgettable family. I met some very good friends from all over the world and now I'mlooking forward to visiting their countries.

Aleksandr Glebov <small>from Russia</small>
Aleksandr Glebov from Russia

I chose Ntec because of its great central location and good prices. The teachers are brilliant. They are very helpful and provide lots of information about useful websites, places to go out and events in Auckland. I especially enjoy the social activities. That's great opportunity to meet new friends, spend time together and know each other better. Now I have many friends from all over the world. Thanks Ntec for such life experience.

Amr Hussein
Amr Hussein

My name is Amr and I’m 25 years old. I graduated from the faculty of commerce in my country. I came to New Zealand to study English and get an English qualification. I will stay in New Zealand for 4 years because I want to go to university. I will study at CCEL for 6 months. I started studying at CCEL to improve my English. I started in General English at CCEL and moved from pre-intermediate to intermediate. I am now studying English for Academic Purposes (EAP). I feel comfortable when I study in my class in CCEL because it is modern and my classmates are friendly. My teacher tries to help us to study well and her lessons are easy to understand. She is patient and considerate when she teaches English. My school is in Auckland in the city centre. There is a computer room and a prayer room at CCEL. My advice to people thinking about studying here is to come to CCEL. You will find professional teachers and professional staff. Don’t miss the chance to come to CCEL. My next step is to go to university when I finish studying at CCEL, and my dream is to be like a native English speaker.

Anuja Kadam <small>from India</small>
Anuja Kadam from India

AWI… is a perfect mix of international students, academic excellence, conducive to study environment and discipline. Study with AWI is an invigorating experience. We study together learn from each other, turn to run tutors for guidance, celebrate cultures, enjoy college trips and evolve into professional personalities. Most importantly… while all the learning… WE HAVE FUN!!!

Carla <small>from Brazil</small>
Carla from Brazil
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Estudei por 3 meses na NZIOS, E minha experiencia nao poderia ter sido melhor, especialmente pelo fato de ser a minha primeira vez fora do Brasil e sem falar muito ingles, a escola me proporcionou tudo o que eu precisava. Disponibiliza de profissionais capacitados pra te auxiliarem, tendo agentes de detrminadas nacionalidades para "cuidarem" dos alunos da mesma nacionalidade. Esse foi um ponto efetivamente benefico eu diria. Eles te ajudam com estadia, visto, procura de trabalho se for o seu caso, enfim basicamente com tudo o que voce precisa saber. A escola tambem te deixa informado sobre eventos possibilitando que voce socialize com outros alunos e pessoas de outras nacionalidades. A didatica e otima e as aulas sao dinamicas. Os funcionarios sao amigaveis e o ambiente permite que voce se sinta confortavel, em casa.
Eu escolheria a NZIOS novamente com certeza!

Carla <small>from Brazil</small>
Carla from Brazil
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I studied for 3 months in NZIOS, and my experience could not have been better, especially because it is my first time outside Brazil and without speaking much English. NZIOS language school provided me everything I needed. The teachers there are only trained professionals. There are Russian, Brazilian, Korean, Chinese people at student support team to "take care" of students of the same nationality. In this case I was actually beneficial. They help you to get homestay, apply for visa, help with job search, provide the important information you need to know. The school also keeps you informed about events allowing you socialize with other students and people of other nationalities. There is always interesting material to study and the classes are dynamic. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere allows you to feel comfortable.
I would choose NZIOS again for sure!

Chan <small>from Korea</small>
Chan from Korea

When I finished my 6th semester at university, I was so sick of studying hard and cutthroat competition. What I just wanted was to escape from these pressures so I decided to take a year off and come to NZ and so that I didn’t waste my time, I decided to study English at NEC. Not until I got used to living here did I know how brilliant Nelson is. At first I felt a little bored because I am from a hectic city where people live on top of each other, I had to learn how to relax and now I am living my life to the fullest, Even though in Nelson there is only one Korean restaurant I love it here more than anybody else does. I can lead a tranquil life which I never expected before and it close to the beaches, so I can enjoy sunbathing whenever I want swim in the sea and play in the sand. Lots of really nice international people make it even more special as they want to be your friend. I just love Nelson English Centre. The best thing here is that there are special relationships between teachers and students, almost all teachers show attachment to their students. However every teacher has a special part which they focus on so a student who has a different view, the student has a voice and are listened to. They really care about you and your progress I have never felt this in any other school. I am so happy I chose Nelson English Centre to study English and relax my life.

Christine <small>from Kazakhstan</small>
Christine from Kazakhstan

It is not easy to choose the country and also the school to study English nowadays, a lot of options all other the world are waiting us. I actually can speak English and make people understand me but always wanted to improve it and spend some time with native speakers. Firstly I was thinking to go to London and checked the offers the agencies provide... Was quite expensive and I have been to London before for the holidays. So a good option but let's say nothing new... Also in February there is bad weather in almost all the Europe... After that I found the Tambook website which is not an agency actually but a web-page where I read about New Zealand. That was really interesting! Nice country, nice people and great schools. The prices were better comparing with United Kingdom and also I could go travel before or after the course and learn about this magic country which is far far far away from everywhere...

The Tambook service is very easy to use - everything you need to know about different courses, schools is provided. I was thinking that probably if I ask directly the school, they would give me a discount or something. So I wrote to 3 or 4 of them, but the price from Tambook still was better... I don't know how it works but definitely works perfectly! So thank you for ​the ​4 wonderful weeks in ​Languages International​ to my professional teaсhers, especially ​Katie​! You are doing a great job! As a prove you can read this text which has much less mistakes than before my course in NZ (Or at least I hope so!) Guys, if you want to have a unforgettable experience, choose New Zealand, you will find there what you are looking for! And see you as I plan to come back in 2016!

Daniel <small>from Israel</small>
Daniel from Israel
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My name is Daniel. Once upon a time in ancient times, to be exact February 5, 2015, I landed on New Zealand. I decided to stay in Auckland and study English here. Auckland is the largest and most populated city in New Zealand and it is a huge magnet for many cultures. I would like to share my experience about the affordable price for studying, living and etc....
First of all I did choose the to study English. I have paid 1840 per 3 months of study. I recommend this school because there are good quality and excellent price! I did stay in hostel. For myself, I developed a formula for the perfect accommodation: The rate should be at least 8 on and the perfect room is the one where are 6 beds. In Auckland you can have your hair cut just for free! The school is located at 246 Queen street, 4th floor, and her name was "Cut Above". You will need to call or come and set up an appointment, bring benefits to all students gain experience, you do not pay the money.

Duru <small>from Turkey</small>
Duru from Turkey
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Ben Mayıs 2015 yılında Auckland geldim ve ben ya anlamak ya da sokakta insanlarla konuşmak olamazdı. Ben hemen ingilizce öğrenmeye başlamak için karar.
Kocam benim için en iyi fiyat ve mükemmel öğretmenlerle iyi okulu seçti - Yeni Zelanda’ya geldiğinde benim İngilizcem kötü oldu. Bu nedenle başında benim çalışmalar hakkında endişeli oldum. Yoğun kurslar 12 hafta sonra benim endişeleri ortadan kalktı. Ben İngilizce yazma, dinleme ve söylenenlerin anlamını anlamaya öğrendim. Hala konuşmak zor ama ben öğrendim basit ifadeler kullanarak rahat hissediyorum. Benim öğretmenlere - Nick ve Guzellaya - minettar duyuyorum Sizi özleyeceğim!

Francesco <small>from Italy</small>
Francesco from Italy

7 years ago, my wife and I decided to buy a house in Nelson in order to escape the squalid North Italian winters. Since then we have spent 1 month every year in Nelson during our Xmas holiday. Only after living a few months in Nelson were we able to appreciate the wonderful Kiwi way of life: fantastic landscape, honest and friendly people, beautiful sunny days. This year I decided to improve my English so I enrolled at NEC. Why NEC, because on previous visits walking downtown Nelson I used to see the students outside school, they all looked happy to be there, laughing and talking in English. So I decide to enrol at the school. NEC has a great surprise for me, good students very good teachers, rarely have I found such a good school like NEC. If someone asked me about NEC I would have no problem in recommending this school, they are so open to all ages young and old.

Hercules <small>from Brazil</small>
Hercules from Brazil

My name is Hercules and I am a 23 year old Brazilian and I work in the I.T industry. I left everything in Brazil to come to New Zealand to try a new life. We are having a lot of problems in Brazil now and I see a prosperous future here. I am going to start to establish myself here by looking for a job in my profession. I came to CCEL to improve my English. I have never studied English before and now I see choosing this school was the best thing that I did. The classes are usually lots of fun and we have a great environment here. My classmates are great students too. We are always trying to help each other. Our teacher Sue is the best teacher ever. She really knows how to make the class flow. The best thing about her is that she isn’t just attached to the book, which sometimes can be boring. She really knows how to keep us practising with a lot of fun activities. I already owe a lot of my knowledge to her. The school is really nice and has a kitchen to make tea and coffee and to eat lunch in. There is also a study room with books and movies. The location is in one of the best spots in Auckland. It is on Queen Street near Victoria Street, which has one of the most famous buildings in New Zealand – The Sky Tower. Studying at CCEL is more than just studying. It can be a magical experience. You can make a lot of good friends here. The school is always concerned about providing a lot of fun activities and all of the teachers want to help you, even with personal things. You really feel that the focus of the school is to make you enjoy learning. Thanks to all the help that the school has given me, I really feel that I want to stay here for a long time. I really don’t want my class days to end.

Ivan Kostohlodov <small>from Ukraine</small>
Ivan Kostohlodov from Ukraine

I chose General English because I thought I would start with there and if necessary I would change to Intensive English. I think it will help in the future for me to be able to speak to other people from around the world. The teachers are so kind and helpful and they keep the lessons interesting for all levels.

Kady Coelho <small>from Brazil</small>
Kady Coelho from Brazil

Hello, my name is Kady I am Brazilian 27 years Old. Recently I Finished my degrees in Science Biology and after that I decided to meet my mother, who was in Australia, in new Zealand to travel and Study English together. Actually she was charged to plain the trip, because I am a quite lazy (rsss). So she started searching some good school to study in Tauranga and she found Bay learning, after that we arrived and started studying, we meet Liss, Felipe and many other cool teachers nice students. At this time, we made a amazing trip together to North Island, Felipe and many students from Korea, Brazil, Czech republic. We had fun, cooked together it was really amazing. I Feel very glad to arrive in New Zealand and have those good experience with good people. Yeah, I know, one month it's not a really enough time to learn English, but I learned a lot with Felipe classes, we talked about many important grammar, pronunciation points and general issues about the world. It helped me a lot in my trips, actually now I can see many documentaries and understand around 80% of the information... Yeah, Bay learn is a good suggestion if you want quality of education and friend people, also Tauranga is a beautiful place to enjoy the evenings, lovely beaches, landscape, small and friendly town... Is it! Thanks everybody! Kady Coelho

Kim <small>from Vietnam</small>
Kim from Vietnam

Kiwi English Academy is the first school I had studied when I came to New Zealand. I spent great time studying English there although it was only for six months. I was very lucky to study with three wonderful teachers and I learnt a lot from them. I was not just English. I can talk with them about my problems and I always receive a lot of advice, so I love them very much and they will always stay in my heart. I consider my English level has improved more than I expected and now I feel more confident than before. I know that Kiwi English Academy has a good environment for studying and practising English because they always give me lots of opportunities to use English as much as I can. I also found new friends at school. They come from other countries around the world. We talk together day after day and can improve English together. Besides, I also learnt about their culture and this knowledge is very valuable for me. Finally, I think I learnt as much as I could and I really changed my way of thinking after finishing this course. I want to say thank you very much for everything you gave me.

Kristina <small>from Bulgaria</small>
Kristina from Bulgaria
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My name is Kristina. I live in New Zealand.  A lot of people think "It's so far away and so real that knowledge of the majority of people do not extend beyond what is she somewhere near Australia". I was lucky to visit this country  and improve my English at NZIoS a couple years ago. This school is really great! My teacher for advanced class was Sheri. She is a amazing person! I still keep in touch with her.
But little bit about NZIOS
• Price.  It is an important question. NZIoS offers affordable prices, lower than in other schools. You can say that the price and quality are closely related.  But in this case - qualitydoes not suffer. Checked! )
• Category. Many talk about the schools category. Believe that no role is not played - 1 or 2! You can check yourself.
• Excellent infrastructure.  The ratio of the administration and faculty as an equal.  A large number of options in the choice of what you want to do, in addition to the basic training (activity). Organization of parties and events for students, which helps to meet new people - especially at the start of training.
So I finished my course and got a job in Auckland. I love this city.

Laura <small>from Switzerland</small>
Laura from Switzerland

Nelson is the sunniest city in New Zealand and has so much to offer. In this lovely town you can feel homely and get a very warm reception from the locals. Rarely will you find another place where people still have time to really enjoy the good life. No matter how stressed you are when you arrive, when you let the beauty of the town and the comfy lifestyle work their magic on you. There are cosy bars and cafes. Not only is the city enjoyable it’s the perfect starting point for one day or overnight trips into a variety of worthwhile regions. Seldom can you enjoy three national parks so near to each other. Leave all your cares behind while sailing through the awe-inspiring Abel Tasman, recover actively on a nice walk in the Nelson Lakes or get an interesting experience by kayaking in the Cable Bay. You can’t get enough of this amazing region. Then hop on a horse in the Happy Valley or ride a bike up the hills to get an overview of paradise at the Centre of New Zealand. You also have to try your luck at paddle boarding and swimming in the refreshing sea. Finally to complete your stay taste some of the delicious wines from the region and don’t miss out on eating freshly caught fish, you just can’t beat that. In Terms of the Nelson English centre I can just gush. Not only are the facilities furnished in a really cosy way, but you are also feeling very lovely from the very first moment you walk into school. The staff giveyou a warm welcome, they all know your name and you do not feel just like just a number in the middle of many other students. Rarely will you find such a familiar and friendly atmosphere. The teachers as well as administration staff all make an effort. They really want you to learn and to feel good about your achievements. Furthermore the school organises great activities in the weekend or will help you organise your own personalised trips away. They have BBQs at the beach, beach volley ball, sports days, international lunch days. The lessons are fun and exciting with amazing teachers who love their job. All in all I am so pleased I chose Nelson English School as my destination to learn English, not only did I learn English, but I learnt about life and most importantly about myself, I came away so much more confident than when I arrived. Thank you Nelson English Centre.

Lena <small>from Russia</small>
Lena from Russia

A huge thanks to you guys for the website and your services! Turns out it’s fast and simple to find a decent deal on the English language courses in a faraway New Zealand. My only regret now is that I’ve wasted the whole week studying a bunch of language school websites without finding what I was looking for. Thanks to Tambook, I was able to realize my lifelong dream. I went to study English in Queenstown. This place is literally a mecca for all extreme sports junkies so I’ve spent all my free time hitting the slopes and snowboarding. I mean what could be more awesome than that?! And again, it was all possible thanks to ​Tambook​!

Through them, I managed to book a cool 5-week course ‘English + Snowboarding’ at the ABC College of English. It’s also pretty sweet that the services of Tambook are absolutely free and that the invitation is sent through directly from the school. In other words, you don’t have to worry about the safety of tuition fees’ payment, money transfers, etc. You can always contact the school if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks Tambook! I’ll be sure to swing by your office in Auckland.

Lisa <small>from Germany</small>
Lisa from Germany
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I was attending the Advanced-English class for three months at NZIOS. My classmates as well as the teacher were really nice and easy to get along with, so I found new friends easily. The school is located in the centre of Auckland, which is really convenient in terms of getting there or after-school-activities. With it’s green hills and the sea I find Auckland is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The locals are super friendly and and you’ll find new friends in no time!


Меня зовут Мария. Mне 17 лет и я провела лето в Новой Зеландии, изучая английский в языковой школе города Таупо. Трудно было решиться и поехать на все три месяца летних каникул сюда, чтобы заниматься подготовкой к тесту IELTS. Hо оно того стоило. Я получила 7 баллов из 9. Теперь у меня есть диплом, с которым я могу поступить в университет в одной из англоговорящих стран.

На самом деле, усиленно изучать английский язык каждый день выбрала я сама. Школа предлагает массу различных activities, например прыжки с парашютом, рафтинг, катание на горных велосипедах и т.д. Из всего этого я выбрала только горные лыжи и сноуборд, и каждую неделю ездила кататься в горы.

Также у меня появилось много новых друзей из разных стран. Русских кроме меня в школе не было,поэтому мне удалось полностью погрузиться в языковую среду, что и помогло мне значительно улучшить мое знание английского.

Michele Bavaresco
Michele Bavaresco

During my studies at Bay Learning Academic I could meet lots memorable peoples that I really like and always i remember in my mind. We did lots things together like visit Mclaren Falls, wakings to beauty places around Tauranga and barbecue at the beach. Definitely in my opinion this school is a good place to meet interesting peoples and of course study. I really enjoyed my time at Bay Learning and I got way better that I was before. I have to say thanks especially to Liz and Felipe to the time and memories. I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

Mikhail Volosunov <small>from Russia</small>
Mikhail Volosunov from Russia

Учился в школе с нуля, прошел уровни с Beginner до Advanced, закончил IELTS_3. С учителями всегда можно обсудить возникшие вопросы в индивидуальном порядке, много материала для самостоятельной подготовки после основных занятий. Здесь учится не много русскоговорящих, получаешь максимальный эффект от погружения в англогоязычную среду.

Miku <small>from Japan</small>
Miku from Japan

I had wonderful experience in New Zealand. I was nervous before coming here because my English was not good, but life in New Zealand and at Kiwi English Academy was good! I could upgrade my English skills. I could go to a lot of places and choose some tours. I could meet new friends in Kiwi class and on tour. I was so happy! My homestay was like my second family. They were so kind. I really enjoyed talking with them and I could try many kinds of food in New Zealand. I want to stay longer!! I think three weeks is too short! If I get another chance, I will be back! Thank you so much for everything.


My reason for coming to New Zealand is to learn English because I want to study aviation in the USA (in Miami). At the university that I want to study at, it is compulsory to know English. I chose New Zealand to study English in because I really like this country. I like the security and it is so beautiful. I’m going to stay in New Zealand for 6 months and studying at CCEL. I’m in an intermediate class now. I really like this class because my classmates are really intelligent and friendly and they help you if you don’t understand something. They aren’t selfish and they are always happy. I think my y teacher Rosie is a very good teacher and she explains things very well. She also has patience when we don’t understand something. She always looks cheerful and willing to help. In my opinion all teachers are very good and if you need help, you can ask any teacher.. I really like the classes because the class has few students (10 is the maximum number) so we can concentrate better. I think CCEL is very well located and it is in a very central place, which all students can reach easily. In addition we have a smart TVs and technology in classroom, which we use for many activities. The school also has a kitchen and self-study centre too. I would recommend CCEL to a good friend, because it is a very good school. It has the best teachers and is a very nice place, where you have the opportunity to make new friends. CCEL does different activities that not only help you to improve your English, but also help you to socialise more with other students. In terms of your English, I guarantee you will see the change from before you were here to after you are studying here.

Natalia Kornilova
Natalia Kornilova

I chose New Zealand because it is safe in your country with an excellent education system. Ntec has a good reputation that is why I decided to study English here. The Ntec team is very supporting, warm and welcoming. I get a great opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and improve my English.