Tambook isn’t just about finding you a great English course, it’s about making sure your overseas adventure goes smoothly.

The links below will help. You’ll find useful and reliable info about Visas and immigration, options for where to stay, driver licensing – pretty much anything you need to know before you move.

Going to New Zealand? Check out these links.

  • www.immigration.govt.nz
    Check your Visa options and apply for an NZ study Visa here. Immigration NZ also has useful information about living and working in New Zealand, plus support services for visitors and migrants.
  • nzstudywork.immigration.govt.nz
    If you’re keen to work while you study, this link can help. Find out how to get permission to work before you arrive, and what kind of work you can and can’t do while you’re studying.
  • www.sjs.co.nz
    If you want to find work in NZ, Student Job Search is a good place to start. The website is continually updated with jobs that are ideal for students. It includes part time work as well as temporary and one-off jobs for a range of skill levels.
  • www.nzflatmates.co.nz
    Sharing a house with other students or young people can be a good way to get to know your new country, practise your English and make some friends along the way. Check out NZ Flatmates for house and apartment listings, along with information about potential flatmates.
  • www.aa.co.nz
    You may want to buy or hire a car so you can get out and about in NZ. Check out the AA website for all the information you need about the NZ road rules, how to apply for a license, and how to buy, sell, or rent a vehicle.
  • trademe.co.nz
    Trademe is an incredibly useful resource if you’re moving to New Zealand. Find a job, search for a apartment or a room, buy a car, bike, furniture, or almost anything else you need.
  • www.movingpros.co.nz
    The easiest way to get quotes from trusted NZ moving companies

Going to Australia? Take a look at these links.

  • www.border.gov.au
    Before you leave for Australia, you’ll need to get a study Visa. This is the best place to check out the rules and regulations, find out more about the immigration process, and apply for your Visa.
  • www.studyinaustralia.gov.au
    This site is a great resource for students moving to Australia. Find information about living in Australia and read stories from students who have lived there before.
  • smartraveller.gov.au
    Travelling to a new place can be overwhelming. This site makes it easier with a rundown of advice and recommendations for students moving to Australia. Find information about insurance, transport, Visas, accommodation, medical treatment, and almost anything else you need before you travel.
  • www.fairwork.gov.au
    If you plan to work during your course, it’s a good idea to understand your rights as an employee. Fairwork Australia has information about pay rates, contracts, leave, and employee entitlements, so you don’t get stuck in an unfair work situation.
  • www.flatmates.com.au
    Looking for a place to live in Australia? Living with other people can be a good way to make friends and get to know your new city. Check out Flatmates for houses, apartments, and like-minded people to live with.

If you can’t find the information you’re looking for in our links, get in touch with our consultants for help.