Tambook Reviews

Tambook Reviews


My name is Olga, I’m from Russia and have been traveling a lot for the last 8 years. I’ve chosen New Zealand as my final destination and didn’t regret a single time. The country turned out to be even more beautiful than on the pictures and videos I’ve found on the net.
I was lucky to contact and deal with Tambook as their professional and friendly team helped me to wisely choose the school. They’ve offered me few options with the prices lower than from the schools directly. That’s what every student wants, save up money! When you are a student your mind is always on when it comes to finance. Tambook helps to pick a course at an affordable price and save money for traveling/ exploring New Zealand and Australia.
No matter what is your choice, Australia or New Zealand, Tambook will make it easier and affordable!

Tomas Herrero <small>from Argentina</small>
Tomas Herrero from Argentina

A long time ago I got an idea to study English abroad, but it seemed to me a very distant plan considering some financial difficulties and the feeling of getting away from my country and everything what I know. The economic situation in my country was getting worser, I couldn’t see a clear picture of my future in Argentina, so I decided to go to study English to New Zealand with my savings.

I was looking for a course I need  through tambook.com, the page that offers all English courses in English in New Zealand, I found a stand of this company in the educational exhibition in Buenos Aires, Tambook managers helped me with all the information about the schedules of studies and all the details. After researching another websites which offer English schools in New Zealand, I decided to travel with  Tambook because there was  the best price on this website and everything was clear with all the courses and programs. I chose a course of General English for four weeks in the Ntec, a language school with an excellent reputation which is situated right in the center of Auckland, I paid for everything with credit card by Pay Pal which was pretty secure.

Already with my ticket and reservation of a course I began my journey to New Zealand on the 2nd of August. Once arrived to the city of Auckland after a long journey and a resounding change of schedule, I contact Dmitry Belevich, director of Tambook, and met him in his office, I had a cup of tasty coffee and Dmitry provided me with more information about my course, accommodation and places to visit in this Auckland.

Eugene <small>from Kazakhstan</small>
Eugene from Kazakhstan

Hello! My name is Eugeny. My story begins with a wish to try to work in another country. But the problem was that I didn't know any foreign language. I started to learn it several times, but always had to drop the class for various reasons. I understood that it is almost impossible for me to study language without any real practice. And I decided to try to learn it in an English speaking country. I found tambook.com in internet when the site was only in English. However, I understood how to use it. Everything was simple. I still had some doubts when I needed to pay my course, but after a while I was contacted by the coordinators Tambook, they asked, need any help, and left their contacts in Skype. When I talked personally with Dmitry, Tambook director, he helped me to make my final choice. And you know I sill don’t have any doubts about my decision! My progress in English was spectacular! Every  new week I noticed that I understood this language better and better and it’s much more easy for me now to remember new words and expressions. Also I chose a very beautiful country, New Zealand, with amazingly friendly people. About this country you can write an entire story, but it is better to see it once than hear a hundred times about it. For those who still have doubts, I can say the following: the best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in your own education! Thanks to everyone who read my message. Good luck to everyone!!!

Cristina <small>from Russia</small>
Cristina from Russia

Hi, my name is Cristina, I'm from Russia. I really love to travel and I wanted so much to learn English at a good conversational level. So the idea to go to study English abroad became my dream. I searched so much for a variety of schools in London and the United States, but eventually decided to travel to New Zealand.  This is as a small country with a warm climate and possibility to swim and surf all year round. Besides, it is safe enough to travel alone. Tambook.com I found accidentally  in Internet and immediately found several offers with very good discounts! Coordinator in the chat helped me  with my questions and sent all the information about the visa. On tambook.com it’s so easy to do everything yourself - you can find detailed information about every school, all the programs and schedule of the classes. Also I chosen Homestay, accommodation in a new Zealand family and it was a very interesting experience! At first it was very difficult to get used to every day’s English speech, but it turned out that this is a very useful practice, and in the end of the trip I even started to think in English! Now I really want to go back to New Zealand!
Thank you, Tambook, to advise me a really  good school and organized this wonderful adventure!

Joao Crisostemo De Oliveira <small>from Brazil</small>
Joao Crisostemo De Oliveira from Brazil

When I decided to go to New Zealand to study English language I was making an internet surfing and found www.tambook.com. It was good luck because this web-site provided the best special prices. I contacted the company and got answers to all my questions in my native Portugal language. The booking process was very easy. I selected General English course at Auckland English Academy and paid it by PayPal. Tambook sent me all required documents - the offer of place, the receipt from the school, insurance - within 5 days. Then I came to New Zealand and found a job in 4 weeks after arrival thanks to the service of www.sjs.co.nz which was recommended by Tambook's consultant.  I am grateful to Tambook and advise all my friends to use its services.

Oleg <small>from Russia</small>
Oleg from Russia

My name is Oleg, I am a self-taught programmer from Moscow currently studying English in Auckland. Four years ago I decided to give up a city council position for programming. Despite difficulties of independent learning I faced a real problem – the most recent and reliable sources on programming were in English. At that time I realised that if I want to become a professional in this field, I need to learn English and get an internationally recognised qualification in programming, so I started to look for the course and pathways worldwide.

There were various options, but New Zealand really stood out with the variety of opportunities it offered. I will skip the part about how astonished I was with the country’s beauty and heritage, more importantly, that this ‘wonderland’ could boast a good choice of postgraduate education providers offering high quality training for reasonable fees. However, the ITP I have chosen was not easy to reach from Russia, so I got in touch with a New Zealand recognised agency KiwiZone that helped me to get a conditional offer of place from Unitec. The only catch was that I needed a better level of English to enrol, but English language course there was rather expensive, so I started to look for other options.

There came another issue. My level of English wasn’t good, so websites of English language schools seemed confusing. I tried to search for information on courses at language schools’ websites, but often prices there were outdated or not complete and relevant or I couldn’t find the information I needed at all. As a programmer I got so frustrated on how unfriendly the websites were for a non-native, beginner English speaker and in fact any user; it was like in the previous century! I had to spend hours just to find the course description and fees and it took me ages to compare those from different schools. I was ready to give up the idea of learning English in New Zealand and go somewhere else. When a friend recommended me to look up New Zealand English language courses at Tambook.com I wasn’t quite sure.

Surprisingly, Tambook.com was very helpful and user-friendly – I could find a suitable course in just one click at Bridge International College of English in Auckland. I couldn’t believe there were offers like that as I could get great value for a tight budget. The website is very straightforward, so you don’t have to waste your time searching for information; all is done in a few clicks, nicely and easily. There was clear step-by-step instruction on how to book course, but I prefer human contact when it gets down to money. An on-line consultant guided me through the booking process when any questions came up. Another good thing is that I didn’t have to bother about insurance as it had been sorted out for me during booking. The guys from Tambook.com team stayed in touch even after my payment was done and they still get back to me checking if I’m happy with the course. Presently, I continue my studies at the school and prepare to take IELTS exam in order to enrol to postgraduate course in programming. I am really excited about this pathway opportunity.