Refund Policy

Tambook Refund Policy

If you are having difficulties understanding the information provided on this site, Tambook strongly advises you to seek assistance of your language interpreter particularly during your booking process or go to one of authorised agents in your country.


(a) for changes, cancellations or withdrawals from your Language course prior to the arrival date this Tambook Refund Policy will apply.

(b) for changes, cancellations or withdrawals after the arrival date the relevant Language School Terms will apply. The availability (or otherwise) and amount of a refund shall be subject to the refund policy contained in the relevant Language School Terms.

(c) If you wish to request a refund for any reason, you must notify Tambook in writing.

(d) A Tambook Cancellation fee of 10% will apply to all refunds regardless of the way the booking was placed and the date of the cancellation

(e) Before any refunds are paid to the customer Tambook will deduct non-refundable fees if applicable:

  • travel insurance,
  • accommodation placement fee,
  • enrolment fee,
  • airport transfer,
  • 10% Tambook Cancellation fee,
  • any bank transfer fee,
  • bank card processing fee.

(f) Tambook is not responsible for any changes to currency values.

(g) All refunds are made in NZ dollars.

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