Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements New Zealand

Step-by-step guide

When you receive an offer of place from a New Zealand language school it’s time to take care about your visa. There are 3 options here:

  1. The duration of your course doesn’t exceed 13 weeks and your country of citizenship is a visa waiver country. In this case you are eligible to travel to New Zealand without first applying for a visa.
  2. The duration of your course doesn’t exceed 13 weeks but your country of citizenship is NOT a visa waiver country. In this case you should apply for a visitor visa. Please, read the detailed instructions below.
  3. You are going to study in New Zealand 14 weeks or more. In this case you must apply for a student visa or a working holiday visa. Please, read the detailed instructions below.

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How to apply for New Zealand visa online

How to apply for a working holiday visa?

There are several countries whose citizens are eligible to apply for a working holiday visa. Application conditions vary from country to country that’s why it’s better to follow the instructions on the INZ web-site.

How to apply for a visitor and a student visa?

First of all, you should answer one preliminary question:  are you travelling to New Zealand alone or with your partner or guardian? If alone, you are eligible to submit an on-line application. If you are going to bring to New Zealand your family member(s) you have to fill in a hard-copy of a student visa application.

This guide focuses on an on-line application; however, it’ll be useful for those of you who will submit a hard-copy application too.

Before you start you have to prepare electronic copies of all required documents. Among them are:

  1. Passport: a page with photo and your personal details (PDF format)
  2. A recent photo 3.5x4.5 cm (scan it properly in JPG format)
  3. An offer of place from a language school (PDF format)
  4. A bank statement in PDF format which confirms that you have sufficient funds to cover the cost of your course and your living expenses (1,250 NZD per month/15,000 NZD per year).
    4.1. If you’ve already paid your tuition fees, you have to provide a confirmation of payment (COE) from a school + a bank statement for living expenses.
    4.2. If you are sponsored by a parent, a relative or a friend who lives outside New Zealand  this person should complete the Financial undertaking form INZ1014 and provide his/her bank statement. Also it’s better to attach an evidence of your relationships, for instance, your birth certificate if you are sponsored by a parent.
    4.3. If you are sponsored by a parent, a relative or a friend who lives on-shore this person should complete the Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry INZ1025, provide his/her bank statement, a copy of a New Zealand passport or a valid New Zealand visa, a tenancy agreement or an agreement for sale and purchase of real estate.
  5. A job certificate. You need to provide it if the following conditions are met: 1) you have a job; 2) the duration of your course doesn’t exceed 6 months; 3) you are not sponsored by anyone. Otherwise, this document is not compulsory.
  6. Certificates from your previous English courses. This evidence of your previous language experience is significant. Please, don’t ignore it!
  7. Evidence of your tight connections with your home country: a marriage certificate, birth certificates of your children, a real estate certificate etc. These documents show that you are a bona fide student who intends to come back home after the end of a course.

All documents must be translated into English by a certified translator who must sign and stamp a translation. Multipage documents must be scanned to one PDF-file. It’s better to scan an original version of a document in your native language and a translation of this document to one PDF-file. When you save documents, please, name them properly, for example, “You name and surname_offer of place”.

Please, pay your attention that if the duration of your course exceeds 6 months and your country is not included in the list of countries with a low incidence of tuberculosis you have to undergo an X-Ray examination. If you are going to study more than 12 months you have to undergo an X-Ray examination + a total medical examination.  Contacts of the nearest medical center can be found via Immigration New Zealand web-site. The results of your medical tests will be sent to INZ directly and you’ll be given a reference number which you should mention in your visa application form.

Pre-paid air tickets are not a compulsory part of your visa package unless you are a citizen of a country with low student visa approval rate (less than 80%).

When all documents are assembled in one electronic folder you must take actions below:

  1. Open the web-site
  2. Click the button “Login” in the right top corner of the screen. A new insert will open and you’ll have to create your account on RealMe web-site. This is a secure online ID that allows you to login to a wide range of New Zealand Government services using a single username and password.
  3. Create a new student or a visitor visa application and answer all questions.
  4. Attach all required documents.
  5. Pay Immigration levy by Visa or MasterCard (165 NZD for a visitor visa and 270 NZD for a student visa).
  6. Print or save the confirmation of the submission of your application. It’ll contain information whether you should send your passport to the nearest INZ office or not.

It’s not necessary to finalize your application within one session: it may be saved for later.

If you need to submit an application in a hard-copy, please, download the Visitor Visa Application (INZ 1017) or the Student Visa Application (INZ 1012), fill it in, attach all required documents and send to the nearest New Zealand Visa Application Centre. Please, be aware that you should pay an extra fee for document processing by a visa application centre. You can find out where to lodge your application and how much it is going to cost here.

If there are any extra questions regarding the process of a student visa application, please, feel free to use the Visitor Visa Guide (INZ 1018) or the Student Visa Guide (INZ 1013)

Tambook wishes you good luck in your application process! If you need our visa services, please, contact us.